How do you charge for projects?

Depending on the scope of the project we prefer either charging hourly or to provide a quotation based on a statement of work (SOW). We charge $85/hr for most work.

Will I have access to the design files or just the final Gerbers/binaries?

You will have complete access to all design files. We are continuously improving our processes which helps increase our transparency with our clients. We have no desire to hide anything from you – contact us anytime for anything you need on any past or current projects.

I have a deadline, can you guarantee completion by then?

Unfortunately design work is hard to accurately quote in how long it will take. We will do our best to meet any deadlines you have. If you are willing to pay an expedite fee we will take the extra necessary steps to work overtime for you.

We are also happy to set up a timeline in our initial agreement where if we we are late we will provide a discount on the services.