• Electronics design – high-level block-diagram planning, BOM (bill of materials) selection and organization, schematic capture, PCB layout, etc.
  • Embedded software – generally combined with electronics design, accompanying software to run on the device.
  • Computer software – UI (user-interface) for the above, database access, graphing, control systems, custom project management software, etc.
  • Database design – database schema design for collecting time-series data, post-processing of data, multiple views giving insight into data. Custom databases to integrate business processes and data.
  • General consulting – review of client’s design: part selection, design for manufacturing (DFM), BOM cleanup, feasibility studies, project reality-checks.
  • Troubleshooting – something not working right? Can’t find the problem? We would be happy to take a quick look for free to see if we can help.
  • Electronics repair – have some old equipment that you have counted on for years stop working? Maybe we can fix it! We would be happy to make an assessment for free.
  • Reverse engineering – reverse engineering is very applicable in our fast changing world. Many products are no longer being maintained, or can’t be maintained by the original manufacturer. We may be able to replace an old broken board with a new one to get your machine back up and running. Another situation is trying to revive an old project that the design files aren’t around for anymore, or an engineer left, many reasons reverse engineering can be useful.

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