A Modular System for Quickly Creating Professional Robust Prototypes

Our first video introducing the modular system for creating electronics prototypes was a bit long-winded and has a lot of details. We tried again with a shorter (only 1 min) long format that is more right to the point of what it is.

Now that a better introduction video is done our focus going forward with videos will be more towards building projects, sharing how we approach designing electronics, tips, details on specific products, etc.


A modular system for quickly creating professional robust prototypes

Securely attach a variety of off the shelf modules to a solid backplane that can be moved from the workbench, to an office, to out in the field.

Make your own modules by simply having mounting holes on a 1/2” grid, or easily make an adapter for your own custom shaped boards.

Connect modules together with temporary jumper wires or solder them for a permanent connection.

Scale your project up or down as needed.

Select from our variety of modules that allow you to: prototype on a breadboard, solder custom circuits, bring in power at the voltages and currents you need, connect to external devices and sensors, protect your prototype in a variety of conditions.

Stop making prototypes that look like a mess of wires. Start building something that you and everyone you show will be proud of.

This was Brandon with Clearwater Conceptions.

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