Modular Electronics Prototyping System – Introduction Video

In this video, we introduce our modular electronics prototyping system.

The foundation of this system is a simple 0.5″ mounting grid for electronic modules. You can buy premade modules from us or make your own.

Because of the ability to physically mount different electronic modules with no special tools, this allows robust prototypes to be quickly built. Since all this system asks of each module is for its mounting holes to be on a 0.5″ grid this allows freedom for what electrical connections make sense for the project. High power, high frequency, permanent, or temporary. You decide what is right for your project. You aren’t tied to a specific electrical bus or connector.

Bring together components that utilize different technology – through hole, breadboard, surface mount, demonstration boards, embedded computers, etc. Easily install them in cases to show clients or take it out into the field.

Sturdy enough for small production runs.

Build and test your own designs as separate pieces that can be individually vetted and revised. Include off-the-shelf modules from us to speed development.

We feel this fills a big gap between what is currently available for prototyping and making a full custom PCB.

We want to make prototyping painless, fun, and result in a professional demonstrable product.

Let us know what kinds of modules you would like to see. If you need a custom one made for you we can do that too – just tell us what you need and we’ll get you a quote. With your permission, and if it is something we could potentially sell on our store, we will give you a discount on the design.

We can also design, assemble, and professionally wire systems of modules for you too. Please check out our module store and our main website.

* Note: this is my first video, go easy on me! 🙂 *

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