Module System Introduction

We are very pleased to introduce our new modular system for prototyping.

We believe it can help fill in the gap between solderless breadboards, perf boards, and custom PCBs.

Focus on the core of your new project – include #4 screw mounting holes on a 0.5″ grid and you are all set to solidly mount it on a backplane along with power supplies, connectors to the outside world, and other auxiliary functions. Then it can be as simple as sliding the backplane into a case to have a product that is fit to hand to your client to experiment with and try out.

Available for sale this December. Kits, individual modules, hardware, and tools to provide everything needed to make professional prototypes.

Details on each module will be provided so that you can learn what we had to for each to work well. New modules will be released on a regular basis. If we want to try out a new IC – most likely we’ll be making a module for it.

Contact us if you would like a custom module or completed system. Discounts for custom designs if we have permission to resell the custom modules designed for you. We are always happy to keep your ideas confidential, however.

Turn the above into the below. Say goodbye to loose boards and rats nests. Quickly build solid prototypes that you would be confident to let a client experiment with.