Finally getting your idea laid out beautifully on a PCB and being able to test is a wonderful feeling. But you can’t stop there – you need to turn it into a polished final product that people can use.

We have the expertise and experience needed to create a finished product that people can pick up and use.

Two examples shown below. One – a simple connectorized switch. It may seem like a trivial project but things like this can make tedious tasks effortless. The rugged Mil-Spec connectors and the service loops on the wire ensure that these will last after many years of abuse.

The second example is a custom solution revolving around a single-board computer (SBC). The client knew the software for their project and we knew electronics.

We designed a custom PCB with through-hole parts for efficient assembly in the small to medium production scales (also will ensure ruggedness). The PCB has multiple relay outputs, isolated power outputs, and isolated audio outputs so the client has flexibility when interfacing with their client’s systems. An off-the-shelf SBC just plugs right in and they are good-to-go.

We also designed a custom sheet-aluminum chassis for it all to fit nicely into.

This one was the very first revision of both the PCB and chassis. There were tiny hitches with fitting that were easily solved. The second revision went together flawlessly, was sleeker, reduced parts count, and reduced part cost.